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2020... WOW

What can I say? 2020... that's about it.

2019 was the most amazing year ever! After a lot of soul searching and work experimenting, I finally listened to that little voice inside of me and started my own party planning company. Maybe you've heard of it?

This company of mine grew 100% organically. I had zero idea what I was doing but somehow, it was taking off. And just as things were REALLY about to take off? A pandemic caused by a deadly virus which bares the same name as my company and requires people to not do the one thing my business needs- gather, came sweeping through the world. I honestly can only laugh at the irony. Maybe I should've been more specific when I put the word "novel" on my vision board.

For a few weeks, I accepted defeat. I focused on home and family. I worked in my garden. Then... the itch cam back. This girl can NOT not party. So, I decided, instead of accepting defeat, I would pivot and take back my name!The world must not lose their ability to celebrate and who better to teach them a new way how?

"She believed she could, so she did"

So, I pivoted. I started developing DIY party bags delivered to the doors of my clients. I experimented with outdoor decorations. I invested in outdoor movie nights. I even took a ticketed event I was set to throw for Mother's Day and turned it into a party bag which benefited 5 additional local business women and a local charity.

Side thought: I love Maple Valley- it is the perfect place to raise a family and a small business. Other business owners are so warm, welcoming and willing to jump right into the trenches with you. When we help each other, we help ourselves too.


One night, driving home from my first movie night, it hit me. The world is in the middle of a pandemic and I'm still throwing parties. When I'm gone, I hope that's how I am remembered- as the girl who found a way to party and celebrate, even when the world tried to stop her.

The take aways:

  1. Do what you love

  2. There's always a way, never give up

  3. Uniting and working together is more powerful than struggling alone

  4. When your intention is to bring joy to others, you will find success

  5. There's always a way to celebrate

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