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Holiday Cheer! Creating a SIMPLEY unforgettable holiday.

As you can imagine, the holidays are my absolute favorite... ALL of them! What I love most is creating new traditions for my family and experiencing the magic through my children's eyes.

Traditions are amazing. Not only do they generate excitement and anticipation while engraving a memory in our minds but they actually make the holidays so much easier! No need to come up with new ideas and new plans every year, you already know what you need to do!

As a professional party planner, I love to share my creative ideas for celebrating. Follow along

this holiday season as I share my traditions, tips and tricks to create a truly memorable holiday while also cutting back on the stress. I will be providing you with printable check lists, gift -giving lists, easy recipes and more!

I hope you enjoy reading about my family traditions and maybe even adopt a few for yourselves. Enjoy!

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